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Fantasy Impromptu
eschew obfuscation
First Day at Google 
5e-juin-2007 09:00 pm
Oh man. Today was pretty overwhelming. In short, Google is freaking AMAZING!!!

We got there at 10 AM for Intern Orientation, got our name tags and did paperwork. The people here are all so nice. It is actually kind of scary. I mean, I'm so used to the Common's workers giving me cold, mean looks for no apparent reason. But here, Google cafeteria people actually... smile. Weird.

I'm working in Online Sales, and I really like the people I'm working with. My interviewer turned out to be this amazingly chill, cool person. It's funny because she, as the interviewer, seemed so intimidating because I wanted to impress her so she can get me a job. I love my cubicle-mates too. We are all interns working on different things. Two are MBA's, one is one year post-college doing Teach for America, and then there's me--undergrad and don't really know what is going on. So it's all good.

For the new interns, they got us nalgenes, t-shirt, visor, note pad, and balloons!!! That's right, floating above our desks are balloons that says "Intern is Here" and other festive exclamations. Apparently, we also get multi-colored hats with propellers on top. Now, I am very very excited about that. See, I grew up watching Doraemon (or Xiao Ding Dang). In that show, the characters had little propeller machines that let them fly. Well, I've always wanted to fly. And the propeller hat is the closest thing that comes to that. So, come Friday, I get a propeller hat that says "Noogler." Yes, I am excited.

Oh, and btw, the food--not overstated. It is yummy.

During lunch, I saw a burrito line. Naturally, it reminded me of our wonderful burrito cart. Yum. So I got in line, thinking about the burrito cart that I miss oh so much. A couple of minutes later, another Yale intern got in line and we started talking about the burrito cart. A couple of minutes after that, yet ANOTHER Yale intern got in line and we were like--burrito cart? Yes. Now, there are only like what 4 Google Yale interns who were at lunch, and three of us found the burrito line, for the same reason: in memory of the Burrito Cart. That's just beautiful. And the verdict? The burrito was damn good. I mean, not as good as the burrito cart burrito, which is legendary and can never be touched, but it is a pretty solid second.

What's on the agenda for tomorrow? More training. But before all that, sign up for Google gym trainers and the free Giants game. You know, the more important things. :D
6e-juin-2007 04:57 am (UTC)
OMFG. That is amazing. Keep the updates coming. I'm getting all bubbly and warm inside. I heart google.

7e-juin-2007 11:29 am (UTC)
I think I might want to come visit you at Yale just for the burrito cart. I got a burrito at my school once and a spider crawled out of it.
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