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Fantasy Impromptu
eschew obfuscation
Pre-Google Days 
4e-juin-2007 10:52 am
Saturday I arrived at San Francisco, at 9:33 PM. Well, actually no. My flight was delayed and I arrived around 10 PM. It was pretty late. I had my parents friends drive me from SFO to Mountain View, where I'm staying. I'm staying at the NASA Ames Research Center Student Lodge. It's a couple of miles away from Google and there's a shuttle that goes between the lodge and Google, which makes transportation a whole lot easier. Student housing is situated where there's a building of Google interns and a building of NASA interns next to each other. So we joke about either meeting a rocket scientist or a computer nerd. And then there's us. The business interns in Google. We're neither computer people nor rocket scientist. We're just dumb, I guess. :)

So I met some Google interns and NASA interns the second day (yesterday). There is a dark cloud of wireless interference hovering over our dorms, so we have to go outside to this little bar-b-que area outside of our dorms to go online. So we all hung out there for a while, met 3 more interns from my department, one of whom I will be living with for the rest of the summer (thank goodness I finally have housing!). We talked about random things, you know the awkward random conversations at first meeting. Then we went and played catch for a little bit. After that we all went to Target and In & Out.

On the way back from Target we were carrying like 14 bags of random houseware. The trunk was already full, so we were just carrying them in our laps. We couldn't really see out the window b/c there were so many bags. The security card at the gate was quite amused. Then we got food and alcohol, the essentials right?

Tomorrow work starts, and I must drag myself up early again. It's pretty exciting. I'm definitely excited about Google's Perks. We had breakfast at McDonald's yesterday, and while we were hanging out in the BBQ area, a guy told us that after Google, we won't want to go back to McDonald's ever again. Oh yeah. I'm looking forward to Google.


Another thing, weather here kicks ass. Seriously. I live in Houston and I go to school in New Haven. Very different places, but both suffering under the torturous humidity. There's no humidity here! I can't even fathom no humidity before I came here. It is seriously MIND BLOWING!
4e-juin-2007 08:56 pm (UTC)
sigh, isn't california weather amazing? where as i am in d.c. and korea for the summer where humdity kills (me).

jen carter is living in that housing center too, isn't she? and i think also a business intern?

i'm jealous nancy...and can't wait for your updates about what sounds like the exciting google life!
4e-juin-2007 10:25 pm (UTC)
Hey Mark! I'm actually rooming with Jen. Haha, small world yet again! (though it is hard to beat meeting random friends o Mark in Inner Mongolia)

I know, weather is crazy nice out here. No wonder there're so many people from Cali. Yeah, I'll be updating this summer w/ Google stuff. When my camera gets here I'll sneak in some pictures. =D
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