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Fantasy Impromptu
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Yachts and Gorillaz 
12e-juin-2007 03:39 pm
First weekend in San Francisco. Second weekend really, but first one spent in the city. It was amazing. So much happened. And oh yeah, I effin' LOVE Yale Alums. There is a Bulldogs By the Bay program, and as all you Beijing Bulldogs know, Yale Alums really do step in and make the bulldogs stay as comfortable as they can. Well, last Saturday was our first event. We went on a Yacht trip around the bay. It was so much fun. The Yale alums are all so nice and so interested in our lives. The Yacht owner was actually my friends' dad, which was nice.

Afterwards, we met up with other Google interns and we just kindda walked around for a while. We decided to go on a $10 boat tour, which passed the St. Francis Yacht Club and while passing made fun of the snotty Yacht Club folks. Jen and I (Jen's the other Yale intern) found it pretty amusing.

Saturday, we went to the San Francisco Gorilla Run. Oh yeah. Gorilla run, that's what I said. Basically, over 400 people dressed up in gorilla costumes and did a 7K run through Golden Gate Park to raise money for some charity to help endangered gorillas. Ok. At this point, I think only pictures will suffice:

Supplementary costumes, yay:

This is the guys we all came to support!

Same guy, in costume. Note the Noogler hat. =D

A good cause.

An actual cause.

Geurilla Gorilla!!!



and the best of all... Thrilla' Gorilla:

Great weekend.
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