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Fantasy Impromptu
eschew obfuscation
Off Site Activities and NASA Ames Playgrounds 
8e-juin-2007 07:51 am
Yesterday, I went to a Stanford party w/ my good friend Spence. The guys hosting built this amazing ant farm. The farm itself, methinks, is a work of art. It is made of plexi-glass and is lit up by what I think is florescent lighting. The plexi glass, though, is cut into a couple of sections and each section has a different color. The pattern is pretty cool and the light shining through the glass makes it look like modern stained glass. And what will they do with it? Fill it up with ants of course. Yeah, these guys are pretty insane. They were playing 3D Beer Pong when I left. One can only imagine.

Well, today is the third day of my internship. I finally had a break from training, and met with my host and my team. I am in the AdSense department, and I help research publishers to seek for our AdSense accounts. It's a little bit of marketing, a little bit of sales, and a whole lot of fun. Don't believe it's fun? Well, get this. For my first meeting with my team, we went to an off-site park, and had a grueling afternoon of capture the flag, kickball, bar-b-que, s'mores and beer. I haven't played kick ball since the fourth grade, and even back then I wasn't very good. Nonetheless, I managed to get a point for our team. Thus, I added value. Yeah, that was my first meeting with the team. Hurrah, indeed.

I also signed up for the free gym today. Honestly, I'm not too optimistic that I will ever set foot inside that place after today. But we shall see. Google offers classes to its employees at a discount. I forget how much the classes were, but I think somewhere along the lines of $25 per session, which consists of classes for over a month... I think, maybe more. I want to take the Pilates class. One of our friends is considering taking the Boot Camp class, and asked if I wanted to join him. I gave him a "are you effin kidding me" look. He didn't ask again. There are also various Yoga classes, cardio samba classes (yeah no joke), cardio kick boxing classes, club dancing classes, and much much more. Plus, you have the option of getting a personal trainer or a group trainer. I might do Pilates + morning workouts (not the class, just the Nancy working out, and by working out I mean something along the lines of 1 part work out and 2 part rest).

My co-workers are awesome. My team consist of my host, and two other full-timers (and me, the intern of course). My boss has a two year old kid, went to Stanford and MIT (did some stalking), and is a good kickballer. My other two co-workers are great. We click pretty well I thought. One of them did theatre in high school and college, she was a techie, did lights and sound. I did publicity and sound in high school and so we talked about that for a while. Like me, she is also incredibly unatheletic. Yeah, we'll get along. The other co-worker got really excited when I told her I was a Cognitive Science major and that I specialized in language and memory. We talked about learning and memory the entire car ride to the park. She majored in Music, something and science, and played the piano as well. I'm so glad I got these two girls!! The rest of the crew is awesome as well. There were about 20 of us, a little more I think, at the park. Everybody was funny and enthusiastic. There's also one girl that reminds me of somebody, but I can't quite put my finger on it. It's bugging me actually. Hrm. OMG. I just realized, she reminds me of Lucy Liu!!! Yeah, there's a girl working in my department that reminds me of Lucy Liu! That was totally bugging me the entire night.

So just for fun, we decided to walk home. It's not so bad, not too far. Though, on the way back we saw this ghost town. It is actually really creepy. See, we live on NASA Ames Research Center, in the student housing here. NASA Ames is pretty big. There are a lot of buildings, supposedly the largest wind tunnel in something is here, they are building some fighter jets or something, there are houses and dorms, etc. It's big. But, next to the interns who live in my building and the one next to me and the gate officer, I don't recall seeing anybody else. What's even more crazy, there are playgrounds all over the place. Seriously, it's like cafes and restrooms at Google. They are simply everywhere. Now, playgrounds until today have never been spooky for me. Didn't think that was possible. But, boy, it is. It is spooky when there are so many playgrounds, and no kids to be found playing in them. They are all colorful, empty, and creepy.

Well, that's about it. My camera shall arrive soon and when it does, I will snap around some pictures and post them here. Google is very strict about confidentiality, but I think a shot or two of the crazy toilets won't hurt the company too bad. Plus, there are the barrage of creepy empty playgrounds that splatter NASA grounds. Something to look forward to.

Stuff to look forward to: weekend Yale Club/Bulldogs By the Bay/Yale Googler Yacht trip, San Francisco, and Gorilla Costumes. More on all that later.
8e-juin-2007 10:40 pm (UTC)

i am paying $225 for a two month gym membership....but at least they give me eucalyptus and mint infused wash clothes?
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